Shocking the body, yet again.

You ever get in a routine, and it begins to get easier? Could be at work or with a hobby, or it could be with your workout routine. The latter is what we’re gonna marinade in for just a bit. Come with me….

Routine is great for a lot of things. It keeps us regular and on task. It also helps us be more efficient in whatever we do. There are times, however, when routine can slow our progress. You go to the gym, track, YMCA or wherever you sweat, fight and work stuff out, and you have a set group of exercises with a predetermined group of reps and a level of exertion. Whether you’re weightlifting, or interval training, or maybe just doing cardio, you know exactly how you’re gonna feel when you get done and it’s “comfortable”.
I get it. I also get comfortable. But then my fitness heroes in my life (find you a hero by the way), remind me that I need to step out of the norm.

“All progress takes place outside of your comfort zone.”

Which brings me to yesterday. I took the family out to our local track and stadium, and had no clue what I was gonna do. Usually I tackle the stadium stairs for a few rounds, which really is a great routine, and reeeeealllly works those legs. But today, I ventured out a little bit and decided to do a large number of sprints on the track, where typically, those of us who possess largeness just don’t go that often. About 80 meters a piece. Many times. With a walk or jog in the middle. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I wanted my legs to be worked in places that I don’t normally work during my slow runs, and believe me, sprints will fulfill that desire. As I walk like a new born giraffe to the kitchen this morning, I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I absolutely blasted my leg muscles yesterday. Feels great to know that even with no special equipment, no special place, I could still shock the body. I’m 6’5″ and still weigh 314 lbs. Sprints??? Are you kidding me??? I then followed those up with some stretching, finger tip sit-ups and some planking.
In my journey there HAS to be variety, and for that I HAVE to leave that safe warm place, called ……my comfort zone. Bust down the doors of yours and watch your progress increase drastically.

Cheers, mates.



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